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Supporting the production and distribution of 100% recycled and unbleached toilet paper, ensuring no trees are felled in the process!

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Few years ago, Noé, the founder of AirPQ, realised that more than 27,000 trees were being cut down every day worldwide to ensure the production of toilet paper. Yes, you read that correctly, over 27,000 trees cut down daily for toilet paper. Upon further investigation, Noé discovered that in Europe, only 40% of the production is based on recycled materials and this percentage drops even further when looking for unbleached and environmentally friendly products. This is how AirPQ was born.


To support this project, Avrile first established a playful universe centered on charming characters and bold visual elements. Additional efforts were directed towards the website's development and the creation of a dynamic Instagram concept. All of which served to enrich the brand's identity, imbuing it with a friendly, pure, meaningful and optimistic aura. Click here to discover more about the project.

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