Weartronic Weet SA

On a mission to save lives thanks to wearable embedded electronic technologies.



Whether it's a construction worker in the night, a fireman on duty in the complete dark or a cyclist riding at dawn, the existing visibility equipment are not enough to ensure their safety. Solving this problem has become Weartronic's core mission and reason to exist.

Weartronic technology allows electronics, in particular LEDs, to be integrated into all types of clothing without compromising comfort or durability. An Active High Visibility garment that incorporates LEDs is visible up to 1000m without being dependent on external elements such as weather, lighting or visual pollution. A huge game changer in the matter of saving lives. 


Founded in 2015 by David Zieder, a mechanical engineer, Weartronic's technologies is design to be tough, durable and recyclable and aim to become become a major player in smart protective clothing by designing the best embedded wearable electronic technologies. Democratising smart clothing by making it useful, simple, universal and sustainable. 


Weartronic team approached us with the desire to update their visual identity to better align with the recent company development strategy. We are currently working on a brand refresh and in the process of redesigning their catalogue & corporate material (i.e business cards, powerpoint template, roll-up).

231010-CASESTUDY-WEARTRONIC_airpq CS-1 copie.jpg
231010-CASESTUDY-WEARTRONIC_airpq CS-1 copie 2.jpg
231010-CASESTUDY-WEARTRONIC_airpq CS-1 copie 8.jpg
231010-CASESTUDY-WEARTRONIC_airpq CS-1 copie 9.jpg
231010-CASESTUDY-WEARTRONIC_airpq CS-1 copie 4.jpg
231010-CASESTUDY-WEARTRONIC_airpq CS-1 copie 7.jpg

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